The third season of the British series Crown will be unveiled on November 17, and on November 21 the full-length sequel to Downton Abbey will be released to Russian distribution. In honour of this, we decided to recall the most striking multi-part movie stories created in the UK in recent years.

A few decades ago, America was confidently holding the lead in the production of entertainment content. British films historically have had a more modest audience, focusing on the traditional values ​​and cultural characteristics of their country. Of course, some series created in Foggy Albion were also popular in other parts of the world (for example, take the 1990 Jeeves and Worcester movie about a young English aristocrat and his valet who received several international film awards at once), but this case can be considered only an exception from the rules. Own British production for a long time could not compete with such giants as the American HBO (“Sex and the City”, “Soprano Clan” and “Game of Thrones”) or FOX (“The X-Files”, “House” and “Escape”).

However, the last decade was a real revolution for the British TV series, which suddenly gained worldwide love and recognition. It all started with the success of Sherlock in 2010, produced by the BBC television company. It is curious that the year before, the American director Guy Ritchie released his own interpretation of the cult story about the English detective with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in the lead roles. But this adaptation of the great classic in the genre of the Hollywood action movie turned out to be several times less successful than the British “Sherlock” The smart, modern, seasoned with a share of English humour, the BBC series since its release has found a multi-million-dollar television audience, which is still looking forward to new series (even if you have to wait for years). The Americans reasonably admitted their defeat and immediately launched the Elementary project, which was inspired by the British version. For the first time in history, Hollywood began filming remakes of the British, having seen worthy rivals in the industry in British manufacturers.

This moment has become a turning point. A year later, the American streaming platform Netflix bought the British series Black Mirror, and today one of the leading positions in the service is occupied by the Crown project, dedicated to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. We tell you what other British series can be considered the pride of the United Kingdom.

Sherlock (2010 – present)

This overly popular British project needs no introduction. But what is the secret of Sherlock’s grand success? In the excellent play of the entire cast and charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch in particular? In the curious decision of the scriptwriters to move classic characters into modern realities and an intriguing story that keeps viewers in suspense from season to season? In the author’s music and high-quality picture? It must be all together. Through the efforts of the talented creators of the series, a new hero of modernity was born – an arrogant “highly functional sociopath” (as Cumberbatch’s hero calls himself), who reveals his affairs via Twitter, confronts the most notorious bastards with an outrageous IQ and never abandons his only friend Dr. Watson (well, almost never). Practically unsolvable puzzles mysterious puzzles, a miscalculation of a few steps forward, and, of course, deduction – all this is about the British Sherlock. Without a doubt, one of the best series of the 21st century.

The Crown (2016 – present)

As we already said, this series tells the story of the formation of Elizabeth II, starting in the 1950s. Of course, almost all members of the royal family appear in television history, so if you are interested in the backstage life of monarchs, the series is strictly recommended for you to watch. By the way, they even watch the “Crown” in Buckingham Palace! In 2018, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, actress Vanessa Kirby, who plays Princess Margaret in the series, said that the Queen herself liked this television project. “My friend was at a party where he did not know anyone,” the actress recalled. – Therefore, he went to a group of people who were discussing the “Crown”. And suddenly one of them said: “Well, my grandmother is watching this series, and she really likes it.” Gradually he realized that Princess Eugene was speaking, whose grandmother is the Queen. ” Is this not the best recommendation? 

Black Mirror (2011 – present)

The premiere of the science fiction series “Black Mirror” took place on the British Channel 4, but soon the project was bought by the American Netflix. Each season consists of fictional stories about the relatively near future of humanity, which is on the verge of being enslaved by the world of technology. Have you ever wondered what consequences the “resurrection of the dead” can have by implanting the memories of real people in a humanoid robot? What happens if a toy character comes to life in the presidential race and comes to life using computer technology? And how can mechanized insects create to improve an ecosystem become a weapon in the hands of an angry person seeking justice? The future is not as far as we think. From the very moment, we began to rely on Google in everything, “Praying” for likes on Instagram and telling everything about ourselves to clever Facebook algorithms, our life has changed radically. The Black Mirror is a reflection of a new era. Frightening or giving hope – it’s up to you.

Sharp Visors (2013 – present)

Already from the opening credits, it becomes obvious that the “Sharp peaks” are literally saturated with the spirit of Britain after the war (the action takes place in the 20s of the last century): narrow streets of a small town where poverty reigns, dirty pubs that fill up with the corresponding contingent in the evenings, and gang gangs fighting each other for power. These gloomy years are the legacy of war. And each of the heroes of the series in its own way copes with the injuries experienced. The plot focuses on the story of a family by the name of Shelby, whose creation was inspired by the image of a real gang that called itself “Sharp Visors” and was active at the end of the 19th century, engaging in robbery, violence and gambling control. In the film interpretation, the creators decided to reinforce the connections of the gangsters with blood kinship, which was definitely the right decision – random gangs break up, but things are more complicated with a family that is trying to survive. Shelby is desperately rushing to the top of the food chain, and leads their charismatic and prudent leader Thomas Shelby (Killian Murphy), behind whom are brothers – young but impudent John (Joe Cole) and quick-tempered, but devoted Arthur (Paul Anderson). And, of course, the wise aunt Polly (Helen McCrory), who fights not only with firearms but also with the impeccability of her images.  

“Rubbish” (2016 – 2019)

For Phoebe Waller-Bridge (which you most likely remember from the movie project “Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories”), this comedy series was a real breakthrough in his career. But “Rubbish” deserves your attention not even for this reason. This series, which the Guardian dubbed “a fun comedy about broken lives,” makes you look at life from a new, albeit not very pleasant, perspective. The main character, the fate of which is watched by viewers, can not be called an exemplary resident of London with an unsullied reputation. Rather, quite the opposite. She is about 30, and she owns a cafe, which brings more problems than money. Her older sister suffers from anorexia, her father from spinelessness. She has an annoying godmother, a cleaning man who is obsessed with cleaning, a relationship with whom, to put it mildly, does not go well, as well as an indefinite number of sexual partners and bad habits. In all this chaos that is happening around, the main character is trying to stay afloat, and embarrass embarrassing situations with excellent self-irony (and if it does not help, then with rudeness). This is a bright, sometimes funny, and sometimes terribly sad story of loneliness. Before watching, it is recommended to get out of your head everything that your mother told you about “moral principles.” In the world of “Rubbish”, they are simply useless. what your mother told you about “moral principles.” In the world of “Rubbish”, they are simply useless. what your mother told you about “moral principles.” In the world of “Rubbish”, they are simply useless.

Utopia (2013 – 2014)

The British drama, woven from black humour, conspiracy theories, and bloody showdowns, was released on Channel 4 in 2013. In the centre of the Utopia storyline is a small group of five eccentric comic book fans who take hold of an unreleased graphic novel and begin to suspect that it contains the keys to a global catastrophe that could destroy humanity. Their fears only grow stronger when they are haunted by terrible killers who work for a powerful secret organization known as the Network. Utopia has become one of the most daring British projects of recent years, which leaves a long aftertaste (and, unfortunately, a few unsolved mysteries). Despite the fact that the series was suddenly closed after the second season, the Americans were so impressed with them that they decided to make a remake. Talk about restarting was carried out back in 2014 – then David Fincher himself was ready to take it, however, due to the busy work of the famous director, the project had to be postponed. In 2018, Amazon intercepted the baton, declaring its desire to re-shoot the original Utopia and give the story a continuation, but so far there have been no official announcements about the start of the filming process. Therefore, for now, we can only revise the British version and figure out the possible options for the development of this story ourselves. however, so far no official announcements of the start of the filming process have been received. Therefore, for now, we can only revise the British version and figure out for ourselves the possible options for the development of this story. however, so far no official announcements of the start of the filming process have been received. Therefore, for now, we can only revise the British version and figure out the possible options for the development of this story ourselves.

Downton Abbey (2010 – 2015)

Another original British series, which may well claim the title of the cult. Since its premiere in 2010 – and over the next five years – Downton Abbey has been gathering millions of viewers around the world on new episodes. It was broadcast on both British ITV and American Masterpiece PBS. The plot of the series was tied around the Crowley aristocratic family living in a large estate in Yorkshire at the beginning of the 20th century (by the way, the main location for the shootings was the real Highclere Castle in Berkshire, where, in addition to Downton Abbey, other popular films were shot, for example, Pride and prejudice ”with Kira Find in the title role). Throughout the entire television history, the audience, along with the heroes, had to unravel a lot of plot interweaving. At Downton Abbey, it’s interesting to watch all the inhabitants of the old estate – from aristocrats to servants. Each hero has his skeletons in the closet, which one day will be made public. However, if you have already managed to watch all the seasons of the famous series – do not despair. Already on November 21, a full-length film with the same name is released, which will give all fans the joy of meeting with the beloved heroes of Downton Abbey.

Poldark (2015 – present)

Historical series have recently been successful for British producers. A vivid example of this is the drama series Poldark with an incredibly charming Irish actor Aidan Turner in the title role (the one who played the brave gnome in the Hobbit trilogy, whose love story with the Elf ended so tragically). In this series, Turner reincarnated as an equally noble war hero who has a huge heart and an unshakable faith in good. Poldark returns home to Cornwall, and it suddenly turns out that his bride, considering him dead, became engaged to his cousin. The main character has to start life from scratch, survive the loss of her lover, restore her well-being and, finally, find the long-awaited happiness. In addition to an exciting storyline based on Winston Graham’s series of historical novels, the series “Poldark” conquers with its visual component. The action takes place against the backdrop of the picturesque, but somewhat gloomy landscapes of Misty Albion, which perfectly complement the general atmosphere of history.

“Killing on the beach” (2013 – 2017)

When we find out that the plot of the movie mysterious murder takes place in a calm seaside town, we immediately remember the series “Murders in Midsomer”, shot in a truly British manner – no fights and bloodshed, only intriguing interlacing of the detective story against the background of serene rural landscapes. But Killing on the Beach is a darker picture. This series, released by the British entertainment television channel ITV, plunges viewers into the sinister story of an outrageous crime, the consequences of which will have to be dealt with by two first-class detectives brilliantly embodied on the screen by David Tennant (also known for the main role in the TV series Doctor Who) and an Oscar-winning actress, holder of the Order of the British Empire, Olivia Coleman (she also played Elizabeth II in the third season of Crown).

Hour (2011 – 2012)

And at the end of our selection, we talk about the series, which is very different from the above cinema stories with its original theme. He focuses on the struggle of British values ​​with a volatile world that requires truth. “Hour” is a television series that takes place in the mid-1950s in England, when the global political situation was extremely complicated and confusing. Against this background, three young journalists are developing the idea of ​​creating a news program on British television, which will talk with viewers about current politics. But how can this be done if the leadership of the TV channel is categorically against discussing military operations and (God forbid) criticism of the British government? This problem has yet to be solved by ambitious and courageous journalists. Along the way, they get involved in an international scandal and bring a lot of trouble to the “top” – after that, it will be really difficult for our heroes to get out of the water dry. “Hour” pleases not only with its intriguing plot but also with a brilliant cast. One of the main roles was played by Ben Wishaw, known for the film Perfumer: The Story of a Killer and Una Chaplin (who had already appeared in the acclaimed Game of Thrones), Joe Cole (who played the protagonist’s brother in Sharp Peaks) appeared in the episodes. ) and Andrew Scott (who created the enchanting image of the villain Moriarty in Sherlock).