Has your blonde ever sent you such a lovely text message that you wanted to make love to her “shove it” to thank her or to feel even closer to her than you were? at the moment? Well, your blonde sometimes wants that. Yes, romance and love words make good homes when it comes time to ride the excitement of your girlfriend.

Because, sometimes, sending cute and sexy love text messages can really bring your girlfriend to 7th Heaven and believe me, it can push her to do a lot of things when you manage to put her in that “love” state intense, including that of wanting to swallow you entirely.

Here are some examples of text messages that you can send:

1) I would so be able to show you that everything in life

2) I just woke up and I miss you already

3) I want to stick to you all day and take care of you because you deserve it

4) I really want to give you all the best in life because you are my rare pearl

5) Every day, I count myself lucky to be able to fall asleep and wake up near the most beautiful woman on earth

6) Thank you for making my life better every day and being there  

7) I want to make you cum until you scream with pleasure my name. I want to make you live the impossible.

8) I will be the father of your children and your protector for all my life

9) At this moment, I only think about doing an intense fucking session with you, because I miss the smell of your sex

10) Your hair, your face, your curves so feminine, your buttocks and your sex I miss terribly. I can not wait for tonight!

11) Tonight, let yourself be spoiled because I’ll be your little cares. You deserve it, my little wife,

12) I love you so much. You are my best friend, my confidante, my little treasure to me and my happiness

13) You will never have to be jealous, for my heart belongs to you entirely today and forever.

14) You are the first woman who made me feel that way. You are the first with whom I can really see a bright future. I love you

15) Sincerely, you are wonderful. My mother loves you, my father, too, and they are more than happy to welcome you to our family. My God, I love you.

16) When do you come home from work? Because when you arrive, I’ll give you the best massages you’ve received and the orgasm of your life

17) I would like to come to join you at work and take you on your “live” desk

18) I can not stop thinking about you. I want so much to feel your lips on mine.

So, when’s your first naughty text? Do not forget, sometimes, less is better.