Lake Como is a famous attraction in the Italian region of Lombardy, which attracts more and more tourists every year. Marie Claire reveals five reasons why you should spend your next vacation there.

Lake Como is located between the foot of the Alpine mountains, the picturesque resort of Bellagio and the city of Como, which is known throughout the world for its Renaissance architecture. The location attracts tourists from all over the world with its unique location, breathtaking views and luxurious hotels. The historic villas in which Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill lived, a great many mountain paths with stunning views of the lake, pasta cooking classes and excursions to local wineries – and this is just an incomplete list of what you can discover, travelling around Lake Como.

Historic Villas

Villa sola cabiati

The architecture of the cities around Lake Como immerses in the atmosphere of the past and tells about the history of the area. Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers guests a unique opportunity to spend their holidays in historic villas where outstanding personalities of past years lived. For example, Villa Passalacqua was built in the  18th century, and it was visited by such famous representatives of the political elite as Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill. By the way, hotel guests have a choice – there is also another historic neoclassical villa on the territory – Villa Sola Cabiati, which once belonged to the noble Serbelloni family.

Interior Villa Passalacqua

Komachina Island

Komachina is the only island on Lake Como, which can only be reached by water. Previously, the island was the strategic centre of the area, but after the war of Milan and Como, the island was empty, and its inhabitants hastily moved to nearby cities. Today, Komachina attracts tourists thanks to the archaeological park located in the bowels of the island, as well as picturesque surroundings, where it is pleasant to take a quiet walk, enjoy the views and have a bite.

Parachute jump over Lake Como

Lake Como is beautiful from every angle, but if you have always dreamed of seeing this natural attraction from a bird’s eye view, Grand Hotel Tremezzo will fulfil this dream. The hotel team organizes parachute jumps at an altitude of 3000 meters, which offers stunning views of the mountains and the water surface.

Pasta master class

If you are a supporter of less extreme activities, Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers its guests to enjoy the amazing taste of pasta and wine, as well as participate in the preparation of the famous Italian dishes. Masterclasses on cooking authentic Italian pasta are held on-site, during which guests will learn all the subtleties of local cuisine.

Cathedral of Como

The cathedral of incredible beauty located in the town of Como attracts guests with its rich history and incredible architecture. The construction of the cathedral began in the  XIV century and lasted almost four centuries, so its architecture is truly unique – a combination of Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles, an impressive rococo-style dome, luxurious interior decoration with tapestries of the  16th  and  17th centuries on the walls. Como Cathedral is one of the most significant religious buildings in the region.