You’re in a relationship, you make the perfect happiness and honestly, everything is really good! Nothing is perfect, of course, but you’re not doing too badly, considering the fact that relationships can sometimes be difficult in 2019. You’re really proud of your relationship, there’s just a little something that you can do. hangs …

The sex side, it does not work exactly as you would like. And in the long run, it becomes frustrating. You feel frustrated because you love it madly and all the rest is usually pretty good, so you do not want to blame it for that, but you do not want to cheat on it. You feel sexually frustrated and you do not know who to talk to, because you do not want her to take it badly or worse, you do not want to hurt her. What to do? Do you play cards on the table and be totally honest with her? Or continue to pretend that you are satisfied, but still feel stronger this feeling that lives you? As in any other sphere of life, there is a strong belief that honesty always has its place. 

How to approach it about this?

For some couples, talking about their sexuality is sometimes taboo, is it the case in your relationship? Is your blonde uncomfortable talking about it and prefers to just avoid the subject? If so, it may be a little harder to make a difference between you, but it’s possible. And if on the contrary, your blonde is very open-minded, but she just does not know you’re not satisfied sexually, she will be interested to hear your words. The trick is to go smoothly and avoid at all costs to use a tone of reproach. In no way should you blame this dissatisfaction, but rather approach a vision of a couple, asking first if she herself is satisfied (it could be that she also lives this frustration on her side)! Also, you have to be very attentive, sensitive and open. You have to try to understand why she is reluctant if that’s the case. 

If you do not feel comfortable expressing the gaps that you feel in terms of sex, you can always call on a sexologist who can help you communicate what you feel. In addition, he can guide you both and facilitate contacts between you, in order to better understand the other and to direct you to the same direction afterward. There is nothing embarrassing or offensive about wanting a fulfilling sex life! You just have to be both on the same wavelength and want it to get better between you at this level. Once again, communication is the key. 

One thing is certain, you must absolutely talk about it together. You must not let things go that way without trying to intervene. Because although your couple goes very well at all other levels, the sexual aspect is much more important than one might think sometimes. It is therefore important to try to improve your communication about your antics.