All men, women have fantasies, you are not taught anything (at least, I hope!). But did you know that there are certain fantasies that are similar in almost ALL women? It’s a bit like that for us guys, fantasizing about a trip to 3 with two beautiful women. Quite common will you say to me! Well, women are no exception, they also have sexual desires more common than others.

Here are the 7 most popular female fantasies:

1. To be dominated in bed

A short session at the  Fifty Shade of Gray is probably one of the most popular fantasies for women. It is not for nothing that these films/books have enjoyed immense popularity!

2. Being an exhibitionist

Making love and being watched while doing so is a very popular fantasy for women. Some are exhibitionists while others are voyeurs and are the ones who like to watch. There is always something exciting to be watched while we enjoy and it often makes the fuck even more intense. 

3. Sleeping with a stranger

By chance and by surprise, on the momentum of the moment. No question, no answer and especially, no tomorrow. A simple meeting in a public place that will end with a small intense fuck not far from there, without even knowing the name of the other person. Admit it’s a little exciting guy, even for us, right?

4. Sex with another woman

It seems that all women have a bisexual side, at least the desire to try sexual experiences with another woman. And this, without necessarily mixing a man with the story. Two women, complicity, and a lot of sensuality. Is it also a male fantasy that, by chance? 

5. Make love with a known / famous person

His idol or his favorite actor or singer. It’s a pretty classic fantasy to see someone on TV and imagine they are having a moment of intimacy with them. 

6. To sleep with two men

No, the fantasy of sleeping with two people of the opposite sex is not only for guys! Women also have this fantasy, let’s even say that it is very popular. 

7. Make love with a man in uniform

I would even say that they do not just fantasize about making love with a man in uniform (fireman, police, etc.), but they fantasize to be totally dominated by it! So, guys, you know what to do to satisfy your blonde: go shopping for a uniform in a costume shop and play the game!