How to survive a breakup with an almost ex-girlfriend?

You were like Betty and Veronica and you were ready to confront any obstacles together and conquer the whole world. And suddenly … Something went wrong. You still seem to be friends, but you no longer feel the old soulmate. Or for you, she’s still like a sister, but you seem to be becoming a burden for her.

How to part with the person who meant so much to you? Here are some tips to help you break up with your girlfriend.

Understand it’s time to break up

If you feel the meaninglessness of meeting with a friend or it is difficult for you to communicate with her recently, this time has come. In any way, this happens, but if it becomes the norm, it is worth considering. Is it cool to feel empty and unnecessary with a loved one? Or to understand that being yourself is already becoming an inadmissible luxury? Perhaps you should leave.

Set the boundaries

Do you want to suddenly break off a friendship like this? You just want to change something, but not stop being friends? We understand you, you need to take a timeout. In this case, it is best to set new boundaries. And for this, you have to talk to your friends face to face. Explain to her that your friendship is very important to you, and together try to find a compromise that will suit both of you.

Let her fade away

You must understand that any friendship is not necessarily for life. People change, new interests appear in them – and this is absolutely natural. Over time, the thing that united you before may disappear. In this case, you do not need to artificially extend the life of your relationship – let them come to naught.

Be frank

This is as important as in a relationship with a guy. You always have to be honest. And if you understand that nothing holds you together and friendship is on its last legs, be frank in that too. No need to beat around the bush. If you find it difficult to talk about it personally, write a letter. Not a message on the messenger or on the social network, but a letter! Tell your friend how you feel.

Important: In no case do not indulge in accusations and insults. Your relationship depends on the two of you, and their completion, too. So be polite and as positive as possible in your message.

Explain the reason

It is very important to make it clear to a person what is wrong with him or with her. This is important because no one wants to repeat their mistakes twice if they were. Moreover, such a heart-to-heart talk can save your friendship. Especially if it happened in person.

Don’t be a ghost

We know, just stop noticing your girlfriend – the easiest way to stop talking. But she will definitely feel it, and she will feel uneasy. And you, by the way, probably also will not be very comfortable.

Try to be positive

It doesn’t matter which one of you has decided to end the friendship, this should not be a tragedy. Yes, losing a friend is sad. And you can feel very bad. But you have to hug and live on. Just already apart from each other.

Accept the situation

You never know for sure what is happening in the soul of a person. You can puzzle as much as you like about why he is doing this or that, but changing the actions of others is almost impossible. Sometimes it’s better to just put up with the situation and not take everything into your own account. Better take care of yourself and your development, do not focus on what happened.

Find a new girlfriend

There are so many cool and interesting people in the world. And among them, there is definitely your cool man! If these already surround you, give them your love and attention. They deserve it, and you deserve to have friends who know and love the real you.

And if such cool people or one “your” person has not yet been found, this is still no reason to be upset and despair. You will definitely find him! At school, university or even inline in a cafe. But you will find it for sure.

Think about friendship

About the one that ended. Write about her in the diary. Think about what you could change, which step to take. Think about what this friendship was and what good it gave you. The analysis is a great way to turn the experience into the engine of your progress.