“Don’t underestimate the appeal of darkness. Even the purest in heart are drawn to her. “

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So, as old as the world of paths, where a kind girl falls under the spell of evil, but the charming guy, was used even in ancient Greek mythology. The goddess of love Aphrodite – pure, bright, born of sea foam – fell in love with the bloodthirsty god of war Ares. Their story didn’t end with anything good, but such a story has undergone significant changes, and now the faithful shippers of such couples can hope for a well-deserved happy end.

Klaus and Caroline

Series: “The Vampire Diaries”

How bad is this guy?

The main antagonist of the series, the original hybrid, in whose hands thousands of deaths.

How good is this girl?

By nature, a kind girl, who sometimes does the wrong thing, then she still tries to fix it.

What is the beauty: In contrast.

Klaus and Caroline – this is the case when the scriptwriters managed to combine not just a good girl who does not skip school, and a boy-inveterate-bully, but literally good and evil. He is a thousand-year-old hybrid who is excited about new conquests and power. A person’s life does not mean anything to him; he killed, kills and will kill. But she seeks justice in life, stands up for the poor and innocent, believes that every person has something good.

Their story is not the happiest, but definitely memorable. The chemistry between the actors probably played a separate role in the development of this pair – you know, these strange screen sparks that are immediately noticeable to viewers.


Phoebe and Cole

Series: “Charmed”

How bad is this guy?

Half-demon half-man, which is impossible to defeat. Subsequently, he became the Master of evil – the highest degree of evil in the universe of this series.

How good is this girl?

A kind witch who fights demons and helps ordinary mortals.

What is the beauty: In the power of love.

I won’t lie if I say that in this collection they are my favorite couple. Phoebe and Cole, just like Klaus and Caroline, are very contrasting, but some more humane and less cinematic. Maybe the matter is in skillfully prescribed dialogs or in the fact that their history develops according to the usual scheme of relations.

The main intrigue is that at first Phoebe does not know about Cole’s demonic nature (this information is immediately given to viewers). In the evenings, she goes on dates with a charming assistant prosecutor named Cole Turner, and during the day, she and her sisters try to get rid of a demon nicknamed Balthazar, yes, the very demonic essence of Cole. And the fun begins when Phoebe finally finds out the truth …


If you suddenly wanted to reconsider, then Cole appears in the first series of the third season 🙂

Buffy and Spike

Series: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

How bad is this guy?

Before turning into a vampire, he was a good guy and tolerable poet, but after that – “he drowned all of London in blood.”

How good is this girl?

Vampire Slayer that saves the lives of the innocent. All in all, very similar to enchanted witches 🙂

What is the beauty: In a long struggle.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is basically a great series because it’s a shifter. If usually the bad guys (read: demons) are chasing good girls, then the opposite is true – Buffy pursues various evil spirits and does not allow her to live in peace. Spike is a vampire who needs to deal with Buffy, and she, in turn, must also destroy him.

It turns out a kind of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, only in a more mystical version. A special charm, as I mentioned above, is that the heroes do not show romantic feelings for each other for a long time. But with each new appearance of Spike, the atmosphere between them is heating up, and at some point, both can already weakly control their emotions.


Ryan and Marissa

Series: “Lonely Hearts”

How bad is this guy?

A typical “involuntary bully” who breaks the law in order to somehow survive.

How good is this girl?

She is good in essence, but often commits rash acts and, thereby, tests others for strength.

What is the charm: In the development of heroes, not only as a couple but also as independent individuals.

We must pay tribute to the screenwriters of “Lonely Hearts”, they did a serious job – not only did they spell out the original images of the characters well, but also showed their gradual development through a series of different tragic and not very events. Among these characters, of course, are the main characters – teenagers Ryan and Marissa, who go through all the delights of growing up.

And a very funny thing happens here: Ryan from a bad guy gradually grows into a real hero, kind, brave, ready to do anything for his friends and relatives. But Marissa, on the contrary, with time becomes more and more unbearable and reckless. By the end of the second season, her actions begin to annoy not only the characters surrounding her, but also the viewers themselves. Here is such an interesting reverse turned out by the scriptwriters. And – the fans of this couple will probably disagree with me, but still – the story of Ryan and Marissa, in my opinion, ended in the most logical way, even if it is as far from the usual happy end as we are.


Captain Hook and Emma

Series: “Once Upon a Time”

How bad is this guy?

The pirate, whose image, as you might have guessed, was borrowed from James Barry’s Peter Pan book. A villain who turns into a hero.

How good is this girl?

Emma – the heroine is quite complex but definitely positive. If you take the analogy with “Harry Potter”, she is a kind of Gryffindor, who fell into a not very pleasant situation and forced to fight for the lives of her loved ones.

What is the beauty: In a fairy tale.

The name of the series refers to the fact that most of the characters are taken from fairy tales. It is interesting that they are “revived” and modernized, but their actions, motivation, and development of relationships still remain closer to fabulous. Therefore, it is not surprising that the bad guy here gradually goes over to the good side, and the main character is the main incentive for this.

Emma and Hook are more cute than dangerous. Romance in their relationship prevails over drama, and it’s also wonderful – not everyone can worry about the life of a loved one every free second, although sometimes you need to be distracted by more positive moments 🙂


Tate and Violet

Series: American Horror Story

How bad is this guy?

Perhaps the most dangerous image is not only in our selection but also in the serial world. The image of Tate was copied from the “Columbiners” (school shooters) – you can read more about them here.

How good is this girl?

Violet is not a sugary good girl, rather an ordinary teenager with his own problems, who simply does not commit evil.

What is the charm: In an unexpected raft-twist.

If you haven’t watched this series, we advise you to skip the next couple of paragraphs and go to the next couple, because there will be very important spoilers (you won’t be able to do without them!).

The creator of the series, Ryan Murphy, moved to some new level, this time combining not “good” and “bad”, and not even good and evil. He combined life and death. Violet is an ordinary girl who moves with her parents to a new home and meets a guy named Tate. At first, she thinks that he is just a neighbor who comes to them from boredom, and then realizes that he is dead, and he died in this house.

After this, Tate and Violet’s relationship literally balance to the brink, and the viewer is torn from conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I want these two to stay together, on the other hand, I don’t really want the girl to die. Cruel, but in terms of screenwriting, it’s really amazing.


Culebra and Sandra

Series: “Protected”

How bad is this guy?

A fairly typical bad boy who does things not from a better life and is eventually corrected.

How good is this girl?

Kind, sweet, moderately emotional – a very pleasant heroine, for whose happiness you immediately begin to “root”.

What is the beauty: In an obstacle.

A bit of Spanish cinema has not hurt anyone yet 🙂 “Protected” – the series is very multifaceted. Here and about family relationships, and about super-abilities and, of course, about love. It so happens that Sandra and Culebra (translated from Spanish as “Serpent”) end up in the same family, even though they are not related to each other. They have been experiencing mutual feelings since the first episode, only now they have one serious obstacle in their way.

Sandra’s super-ability is to influence the electric field around her. Therefore, she cannot touch anyone. Such a tragic, but interesting feature.


Nathan and Haley

Series: “One Tree Hill”

How bad is this guy?

A school bully, the son of wealthy parents – in general, a little cliche, but overall looks harmonious.

How good is this girl?

An excellent student and clever, in the evenings, moonlighting in a cafe to help the family and also tutoring during the day.

What is the beauty: How much they all went together (and how they went).

The most complete love story in this collection is, perhaps, between Nathan and Haley – they meet in high school, go through all sorts of problems at first among teenagers and then adults, but the main thing is that they do it together, hand in hand.

“One Tree Hill” is basically a great series. The action in it is gradual, a lot of drama, but there are also many bright moments. If you want something warm, family and sincere, I recommend getting acquainted with this series – it’s worth it!


Elena and Damon

Series: “The Vampire Diaries” (yes, again!)

How bad is this guy?

Not a true evil, but a terrible deed committed two centuries in advance.

How good is this girl?

So correct that it can sometimes make you feel good.

What is the charm: In the well-forgotten old.

The Vampire Diaries, as you might understand, are rich in bad guy / good girl trails. And, we must pay tribute to the scriptwriters, these couples present to us in completely different ways.

Damon is the most typical bad guy. True. Imagine the image of a bad guy. What are its required attributes?

  • Black leather jacket;
  • Motorcycle (if he rides without a helmet, it means he is very bad);
  • A characteristic grin at any remark from other characters;
  • Anything is forbidden in the pocket of that ill-fated leather jacket;
  • Light unshaven.

We mix everything in equal proportions and get Damon. But because of this typicality, for some reason he does not get worse – perhaps the whole thing is in the damn charming Ian Somerhalder. She and Nina Dobrev act out pretty clichéd characters, but they do it so freshly that watching their interaction is a pleasure. So in this case, the new is really the well-forgotten old. And it works!


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