We’ve all heard the phrase, “What’s Happening in Vegas, Stay in Vegas!” Because it’s a hugely popular city for anyone wanting to have fun and party time. Whether it’s a stag or hen party, or a boys’ outing, Las Vegas is the destination of choice if you really want to burst. In every sense of the word.

What we see … 

The city of Las Vegas is known for its many hotels with different looks and themes, for its many casinos, for its nightclubs extremely popular, and even for pool parties every day everywhere in the pools of different hotels. This city never sleeps. No matter what time of day or evening, there is action everywhere.  The streets are crowded with people, half-naked girls walk with their feather wings to take pictures with tourists in exchange for a few dollars, or the handsome guys with their cowboy hat who do the same thing on their side by offering VIP tickets in the various clubs or some free cocktails. 

In addition, we have the right to drink alcohol on the streets, and now also to smoke cannabis. Although prostitution is not legal in the eyes of the law, it is tolerated and even encouraged; there are many trucks that parade with giant posters offering phone numbers for escort services. We understand why this is a great place to party, there are few restrictions and the atmosphere is always at the party. In addition, apparently we can get rich by putting a few dollars in a slot machine. That’s heaven, right?

What we do not see …

What we do not see, or rather the things we do not pay too much attention to when visiting Las Vegas for a few days is the immense sadness of this city. It looks like a city ​​without a soul , despite the hundreds of thousands of people who stay there each year. Because if some find happiness by spending a few days, others leave their skin … There are many homeless people who sleep on the sidewalks, right there, at the entrance of the luxurious shops where people come out with a purse at $ 2,000 but do not even have the delicacy to give a few dollars to those poor people to whom Vegas has removed everything. We see others under the influence of powerful drugs, in the middle of the crowds of people who pass with their big smile and their desire to have fun. There are those who have lost everything in these casinos. It is not for nothing that almost all hotel rooms have no balcony: to prevent someone from going downstairs after losing everything in life. Of course, some will say that it is their own choice and that it is their fault if they have arrived there, it is possible. But staying in this medium in the long run inevitably leads to vice. Everything is so superficial, everything is so empty. 

If you plan to visit Vegas for a few days in your life, have fun, but remember that there is always a backdrop to what we see.