We will investigate this matter!

Teenage detectives – a far from the modern phenomenon, began still with Tom Sawyer. Yes, that funny little boy who was too lazy to paint the fence. Startanuli from the boys, they were only perceived by the audience as cool investigators, but then “Nancy Drew” came out, and the girls rightfully took the place of the main detectives. Times have changed, lonely detectives have been replaced by entire companies – adolescents gathered after school and, instead of doing their homework, set off to follow dangerous criminals and fell into trouble with children.

In the series, unlike films and books, the majority of teenage detectives are still united in the company – this helps the scriptwriters to keep the necessary dynamics and prevent viewers from getting bored. An interesting phenomenon that comes up well in serial detectives (first in adults, and then it turned to teenagers) is a couple of investigators. You know, Mulder and Scully, Castle and Becket, Booth and Brennan … Stiles and Lydia, Jughead and Betty, Alissa and James came for them. Here, one detective is necessarily a skeptic, guided by logic and his excellent analytical mind, and the second is a dreamer and dreamer, who prefers to act against the rules and go beyond the usual things. In a word, there are a lot of interesting things – and now we’ll figure out what new these series were brought to the detective genre, and which ones you like.


Veronica Mars

Chief detective: Girl.

What the series is about: We decided to start with the classics. “Veronica Mars” is a detective from the zero, when the dramas were not so heavy, the teenagers were not so unhappy, and the general mood of the series was somehow lighter or something.

Veronica is a high school student who helps her detective father investigate. She is smart, charismatic and very decisive – she will cope not only with the problems of her unlucky classmates but also with the serious matters that her dad does.

The series itself is very diverse – mixed with investigations, there is a lot of friendship, love, the relationship of fathers and children. Well-written investigations and excellent character development – in general, in order to begin to dive into the topic of teenage detectives, that’s it.

Who will like it: Those who want something easy, who miss the films of the 00s (you know, those in the style of “Legally Blonde” or “Mean Girls”).


“Nancy Drew”

Chief detective: Girl.

About what series: That same Nancy Drew in a new reading. There were already a lot of adaptations of this book, some more successful (for example, the film of the same name with Emma Roberts), some less (the new one with Sofia Lillis turned out to be not so cool). Channel The CW, known for its mystical sagas (they released “The Vampire Diaries”, “Heritage” and stuff like that) decided to encroach on the holy of holies and make their own “Nancy Drew.”

Happened? Several episodes have been published, so an unequivocal verdict is difficult to make, but at least it turned out pretty nontrivial. Nancy is older than usual here – no longer a fifteen-year-old girl, but an eighteen-year-old girl who graduated from high school and is going to go to college. During breaks, she moonlights as a waitress and investigates the mysterious murder of which a group of teenagers is charged.

What’s new here? Mystic. Adding her to a classic detective story is quite dangerous, but it turned out quite naturally. Let’s see what happens next, but so far it’s definitely worth a look.

Who will like it: Lovers of bold mixes. This is a very good adaptation of the classic detective!


“Teen Wolf”

Chief detective: A couple.

What the series is about: About a teenager named Scott McCall, who was once bitten by a werewolf in the forest and “transfers” his abilities in this way. Now he will have to get used to his new essence and begin to investigate the mystical affairs that are happening in his hometown.

And although all the characters insofar as they participate in the conduct of investigations, Stiles and Lydia show themselves most in detective affairs. Everything is classic here. Lydia is very smart, very logical and (bonus!) Has supernatural abilities. Stiles is an ordinary person with super fantasies and crazy ideas that often bring them closer to the answer. The flame to their “detective agency” is added by the fact that Stiles is in love with Lydia from the third grade, and she is not going to reciprocate him yet.

The first three seasons (especially 3b – the last ten episodes of the third) are a must-see. A lot of sarcasm, interesting supernatural beings and, of course, a detective. The rest is already at will, although there are bright moments there.

Who will like it: Those who want to see a more mystical and more logical version of Riverdale. Okay, this is more sarcasm, but in general, if you like teenage series, this one will pleasantly surprise you.



Chief Detective: Guy.

What is the series about: Spanish cinema, in principle, is rich in good series, but there are not many translations, so we almost don’t hear about them. However, thanks to Netflix, who directed Elite and showed the world talented Spanish screenwriters, directors, and actors on the list.

The plot focuses on a school for rich teenagers who burn their lives and enjoy what is happening. The main intrigue of the series in flash-forwards – they show us that one of the main characters was killed, but who exactly, we will find out in the process. As in the classic detective story, everyone is under suspicion, and one kind of “untouchable” character is conducting an investigation.

The main plus of the series, perhaps, is how the characters are registered. Everything, up to the last minor character, is not cardboard and not stereotyped, which is very important for the detective – after all, very often scriptwriters take standard “images” and try to fashion a plot using them (usually it doesn’t end with anything good).

Who will like it: Those who are tired of the usual American moves and characters. Truly refreshing!


“Pretty Little Liars”

Chief detective: Girls company.

What is the series about: A story that stretched out over seven seasons, although it would be ideal to meet three or four. But, despite this, the series is still worth it. The characters and the main storyline are taken from a series of books of the same name (there are more than twenty of them, but they are also cool, and the ending and raft twist noticeably differ already from the second book).

What is the point? The company of girls breaks up when one of them disappears. A year passes, and they come together again because an unknown person nicknamed -A begins to write strange messages to them and threatens to reveal all their secrets – and the pretty little liars have a lot of secrets.

If an Oscar were awarded in the world of TV shows, then it would have been worth giving it not to a screenwriter or director, but to a costume designer. Of course, from the point of view of realism, it is difficult to imagine that average high school students have so many outfits, but to hell with realism, when there is such a wealth of images that can be repeated until the end of life. Come on Pinterest and enjoy – there is an incredible amount of outfits in the style of pretty little liars, there is for every taste.

Who will like it: Lovers of swirling detective stories and those who do not bother much about plot holes, and who also loves to build fan theories.


“Black Lagoon”

Chief detective: Company girls + guys.

What is the series about? We replenish the collection with another beautiful Spanish series. True, it is not as fresh as the Elite, it was released back in 2007, but it did not get any worse. I would even say that the plot twists and the development of heroes are the winners.

In fact, you probably know the plot – if in your childhood you watched “Closed School” on STS. It was adapted to our viewer, but as a whole retained most of the raft twists from the Black Lagoon. I advise you to look, even if you approximately remember the Russian version. Not because the Russian cinema is so bad – we will definitely talk about cool Russian TV shows, because they exist. It’s just that in this case the original still wins (by all points), and starting from the sixth season of the original (the fourth in the case of Russian adaptation) the plot generally goes the other way. Guess where it all ends more logically.

In general, to the third paragraph, you can finally talk about the plot. The Black Lagoon is a boarding school for children of wealthy parents and several super smart guys who knocked out scholarships to study here. Each with his skeleton in the closet, all the characters are bright and not stereotyped (of course, a few stereotypes flicker, especially at the beginning, but they all open in a completely unexpected way). The investigation of the guys begins when an unknown person kills their best friend in the woods near the school – and before that, the friend manages to leave them a mysterious message and hint that dark things are happening in this boarding school …

Who likes: Drama lovers. And I mean drama. Here, all the emotions are on the verge, unexpected turns at the end of each series. The heart barely manages to miss a couple of beats when something new arises.


“The End of This *** World”

Chief detective: A couple.

What the series is about: Atmospheric road movie for two seasons, where the whole plot rests on two main characters and does not suffer from it at all. Seventeen-year-old Alyssa – annoying, rude and very real – dreams of finding her father and embarks on a road adventure. But not alone, her classmate James, who considers himself a psychopath and is going to kill Alyssa at the nearest motel, is traveling with her.

Tense, driving, does not let go even for a minute – you swallow a season (probably even both) in a day and you will not notice. An excellent sound mixed with English nature and small chestnut houses on the background – the aesthetics of the series are no worse than the plot itself and the main characters.

Fun fact: the plot of the series is based on the comic book of the same name, and the ending there is different. According to the comic book, only the first season was shot, the second is already pure fantasy of the scriptwriters. But for the sake of curiosity, I advise you to look through it, it is quite dramatic, and the drawing there is very simple and at the same time funny.

Who will like it: Those who do not like it when a million different characters participate in the action; who wants something calm and at the same time exciting – perhaps this is the mix here.


Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone

Chief detective: Company girls + guys.

What is the series about: And here is an example of a good Russian series, which I mentioned just a couple of paragraphs ago. Everyone has an ambiguous attitude towards our cinema, but sometimes you can really dig out a diamond. In this case, this is the creation of Ilya Kulikov about a company of guys who go to the Exclusion Zone to return the money stolen from them under their nose, but in the end, they come across things that no one even dreamed of in Riverdale.

What is the beauty of this series – in the interweaving of genres? It seems to be originally a typical road movie with detective elements. It is clear that there will be chases, skirmishes, maybe even a couple of shootings. But then comes the theme of time travel, which you vaguely guess at the very beginning, but do not believe that this is possible, especially in our realities. However, this happens, and everything looks so natural, and you believe in this story as if you yourself lived it once.

Warning (or something like that): if you have enough willpower, then I sincerely advise you to stay in one season. There are two of them, plus three films with different endings, but belief the person who watched everything and regretted it great – the first season ends quite logically. Open – yes, but logical. In the second, everything is mixed up, plot holes appear, everything is not so atmospheric and cool. But it’s up to you to decide, of course, maybe the second season will go even more than the first – who knows!

Who will like it: Those who want science fiction in Russian realities. You can also travel in time with us 🙂

“Very strange things”

Chief detective: The company of boys.

What the series is about: The creation of the Duffer Brothers, who just got bored of the atmosphere of the 80s and were inspired by cult films of those times. If you want a super detailed analysis of this series, we have it, but here I will briefly tell you why it is definitely worth adding to my must-watch list.

The plot focuses on a company of eleven-year-old boys whose interests are limited to adventure tables, physics lessons, and dreams of something great. And suddenly the plot of the game, the campaign of which they developed for more than ten hours, begins to come true. A girl with superpowers is added to their company, and really strange things begin to happen in life.

Why is this series so good? In 2016 (when the first season came out), it was incredibly fresh. Now everyone is a little reassured, but overall it looks great anyway. Familiar images (rogue boys, rogue adults, rogue girls) take on new dimensions, and the universe of the series itself is spelled out incredibly clearly.

Who will like it: Those who want a sip of a quality plot in a sea of ​​banality and trivial raft twists.