A bride looking over grooms shoulder

Why 19? Because the twentieth is unique and unique to each one of us, it makes the difference! Well, before that, there are still 19 qualities that they particularly like in a man. What are they?

So it’s simple, we must try to have as much as possible among these 19 … We go there.

1. Honesty

She is looking for someone she can trust, whom she can trust, someone who is loyal. She will never build anything with someone she does not believe is honest.

2. Maturity

Girls love immature men. Women prefer them mature.

3. The eternal youth

Yeah, it’s a bit of a contradiction to the previous point. It’s like that. A woman is also sometimes contradictory.

4. Trust in you

They feel good with a confident man. Not to be confused with arrogant.

5. Spontaneity

Especially when it comes to a romantic gesture that will surprise her.

6. The “man” side

A guy that’s a guy

7. Cleanliness

We are talking here about hygiene. You smell good, you are clean, they love.

8. The meaning of the initiative

They like it when you make decisions.

9. Open-mindedness

The opposite is a total turn off .

10. Fitness

It’s no secret, they prefer you in shape.

11. This way of putting it in priority

She feels important, valued by this attention.

12. A sense of humor

Provided you do not always tell the same joke.

13. Recognition

She did something good? Be grateful and tell him you appreciate.

14. Be inspiring

They need to feel inspired by their man. They admire inspiring people.

15. Kindness

It’s not being soft. You have the right to be nice. They like.

16. The generosity

It’s not just about money, you can be generous with your time.

17. The intelligence

We are not all Einstein or physicists, but a smart guy, it feels.

18. Compassion

Let’s not be insensitive. Compassion is something that is missing nowadays. Stand out!

19. Respect

Aretha sang it so well. It is time to realize the importance that women give to it!