You definitely will not want to go to these places, unless you are fond of extreme tourism. But reading about them is very interesting.

Centralia (United States, Pennsylvania)

Centralia in 1876

A mining town in Pennsylvania appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, in 1854. The city decided to establish a large coal company, the Locust Mountain Coal and Iron Company, as the most suitable place for its work (those lands were extremely rich in coal). Their investments turned out to be justified, the city really began to flourish, as did the coal industry as a whole.

However, in 1868, Alexander Rea, an engineer who designed the Central, was killed by unknown people. After his death, rumors began to circulate in the city that, while dying, Alexander cursed the city that had destroyed him, saying, “Burn to you all in a hellish fire.”

Poisonous vapor over the Central can be seen to this day.

And, by a sad coincidence, a hundred years later this “curse” overtook the city. In May 1962, the Centralia City Council hired firefighters to clean up the landfill. Garbage in landfills in those days was burned. In the process, firefighters did not notice that they did not put out the whole fire. Deeper debris continued to smolder. Through a hole in the mine, they transferred fire to other abandoned coal mines. It was not possible to extinguish the fire, and after a few years, the fire reached fossil fuels and spread to all underground mines. In less than an hour, the fire was already under the whole city. Residents of Centralia were relocated to other nearby cities, however, some refused to move, among them were the mayor of the city, a priest and one hereditary miner

Lamar Mervin – mayor of the city and one of the few remaining residents of Centralia

Screenwriter Roger Avery used this city as a prototype of Silent Hill when he worked on the script for the movie of the same name. 

Dudlitown (United States, Connecticut)

The city, located at the foot of three mountains (Bald Mountain, Woodbury Mountain, Coltsfoot Triplets) and surrounded on all sides by a dense forest, has long attracted demonologists and tourists, but it scares away the residents of nearby settlements.

This city used to be populated, but misfortunes constantly happened to residents. One farmer claimed that after dark, unclean power penetrated the city and once he allegedly witnessed an attack by one of the monsters on a passerby. The wife of another resident of the city, a certain General Swift, died during a thunderstorm from a lightning strike, and her husband went crazy after her death. The disappearance of entire families also took place in the city. For example, John’s family: one man named John’s wife died, and after some time his two daughters disappeared in the forest. After these events, the family house burned to the ground, but John’s body was never found. As a result, the city began to gradually empty. Frightened by terrible events, residents left their homes.

Now Dudlitown is a ghost town, and at the same time, an amusement park for tickling nerves. Many associate the devilry taking place in these places with the execution of Duke Edmund Dudley, who tried to overthrow the king and was killed as a result. Nevertheless, these are all hypotheses. But what really happens in these places and whether it happens at all is unknown to anyone.  

Body (USA, California)

Body (USA, California)

The city, owing its appearance to the era of the so-called “gold rush” is located in California, on the border with the state of Nevada.

In 1859, William S. Body discovered gold in the Sierra Nevada, near Mono Lake. However, he did not have time to develop a vein, as he died, having frozen in a storm, but managed to share his discovery with close ones. Soon, on the site of a gold mine, gold hunters founded a city named after its discoverer. It was then that the “gold rush” began – the notorious period of robbery and violence in our time.

Body (USA, California)

The city was founded by ordinary gold hunters, and therefore there was no talk of any law. Fights, street skirmishes, robberies, and violence – all this was usual for the city. Anyone who wanted to get rich could become a gold digger.

In 1876, another “gold” deposit was discovered in the city and the population of the city suddenly increased 10 times. According to one priest, his parishioner before moving to the city ended her prayer this way: “Goodbye God, we are going to Bodie!”

Body (USA, California)

Life in the city began to boil. 65 saloons, gambling halls, brothels, brothels, bars, where alcohol was delivered uninterruptedly by rail, worked around the clock.

But, as it turned out, the discovered deposits were eternal and gradually the gold mining began to fall. The population of the city, most of which went in search of new “golden” places, again decreased by 10 times. The above institutions closed and the city began to empty. Once a 2-year-old child of one of the remaining residents picked up matches, after which most of the city burned down. The fire was extinguished, and gold mining resumed, but not for long. After a series of terrible murders passed, there were no inhabitants at all.

Body (USA, California)

Now Body is a ghost town that attracts the attention of tourists with its terrible legends. The most popular of them is the story of a 3-year-old boy who died in a mine, whom the miner father took with him for fun. A monument in the form of an angel stands near the grave of a child, and, according to legend, a ghost of a boy sometimes comes out to play with tourists from visiting tourists. Some tourists, who took children with them, really saw how, near the monument, the children begin to laugh and run, as if someone was playing with them. 

Bluffton (United States, Texas)

As a result of the terrible drought that overtook Texas in 2011, dried lakes became. But the most amazing phenomenon was what was discovered at their bottom – the wreckage of old houses belonging to cities that were once flooded.

The largest such city was Bluffton, which appeared on the surface after shredding Lake Buchanan. The time of its foundation falls on the second half of the 19th century, and the flooding occurred in 1940, at that time there were absolutely no people in the city. In an expedition to an abandoned city, scientists and researchers discovered the foundation of a two-story hotel, the ruins of a cotton factory and the remains of a gas station of that time.

The most interesting thing is that the current city of Bluffton is in the USA, only the place of its current location is forty kilometers from the “surfaced” Bluffton. And it is surprising that none of the inhabitants of modern Bluffton knows that the city was flooded and moved.  

Mologa (Russia)

Mologa (Russia)

This city, located near Rybinsk, is called the Russian Atlantis. However, there is nothing fabulous in the history of his death. In 1935, the construction of a new hydroelectric power station began; a man-made reservoir was needed to increase the capacity of its work. To create a reservoir, it was planned to flood a small part of the territory. The received power was not enough (in other words, someone again decided that more – no less). 

Mologa (Russia)

As a result, after raising the dam, the city was underwater. Fortunately, there were no human victims. The flooding was planned and all the inhabitants shortly before it was relocated from the city. The sad thing is that Mologa, with all the beauty of its churches and streets, sank to the bottom. Now underwater excursions are held in the city. And periodically the water is lowered to a certain level so that the domes of churches and the roofs of tall buildings are shown on the surface. 

San Ji (Taiwan)

On the northern coast of Taiwan, near Taipei, is the ghost town of San Ji. This project was to become the most futuristic, elite building in the world. A lot of money was invested in it, but during construction, accidents began to occur with the workers. Superstitious hard workers decided that in these lands there are ghosts who do not want to let people into their possessions. Nevertheless, the construction was still able to be completed, but due to rumors generated during his time, it was not possible to attract real estate buyers to the city. In this regard, San-Ji decided to make the resort area, but the influx of tourists did not follow. Over time, the Taiwanese government abandoned the idea of ​​operating this city and Sang-Ji was completely empty.

So “ghosts” prevented one of the most expensive and modernized projects in the world from gaining a right to exist. Soon, the government decided to demolish buildings in an unnecessary city, but the people of Taiwan expressed a massive protest, due to the fact that Sang-Zhi is a home for the souls of dead people who found their refuge in it. Oddly enough, this story scared even the local homeless people who wanted to settle in the city. Since then, the city has been declared a restricted area. And now he is forced to live out his days, gradually turning into ruins under the influence of time. 

Kraco (Italy)

Kraco (Italy)

In southern Italy, near Matera, there is an amazing ghost town – Kraco. The city is well preserved, so it does not immediately become clear that no one has been living in it since the 60s of the twentieth century. The uniqueness of this city is that it looks like a single cultural composition and from the side resembles a large mountain, laden with houses and structures, sometimes overgrown with grass. Above the vaulted alleys and steep stairs, the Norman Tower and the thirteenth-century castle tower.

Kraco (Italy)

This city became a “ghost” in 1963, when a tremor of unprecedented power shook the rocks, causing many casualties and destruction. It was unsafe to stay in the city and the inhabitants moved to a neighboring settlement, leaving their homes at the mercy of nature, which subsequently created a real miracle.

Kraco (Italy)

This city began to attract the attention of not only ordinary tourists but also famous directors, who often began to choose it as a place for filming. For example, some episodes from the film “Passion of Christ” were filmed in the city of Krako.

Memphis (Egypt)

The capital of Egypt in the era of the Ancient Kingdom of Memphis is located 19 km south of modern Cairo. For several millennia, Memphis has been a cultural, administrative, and commercial center that has attracted merchants and pilgrims from all over Africa and Asia. Only with the advent of Alexandria Memphis fell into decay. Gradually, the city collapsed and it has reached our time, completely covered with silt. Entire buildings in the city are almost gone. Memphis is now an open-air museum. Excavations in it are still ongoing.

Famagusta (Cyprus)

Famagusta (Cyprus)

You have not heard of such Cyprus. Famagusta is a place on the island of dreams that contrasts exactly with the generally accepted understanding of a perfect vacation.

The once successful, prosperous center was completely plundered after the war between Turkey and Greece, which led to the desolation of the city. These states simply did not divide among themselves the right to territory. And now the city consists of the remaining buildings and water. But, despite the abandoned view, Famagusta attracts the attention of tourists.