We’ve all been to one night when we were single, and quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as it’s clear between the girl and you, there is no problem. That’s why you have to be honest with her and not give her false hope.

We do not want to go for the macho without heart and hurt a girl with whom we only wanted to sleep once. Especially since we know very well that if we do not behave like a real gentleman, she will be happy to tell all her friends what kind of guy you are and it will not be very good for your reputation with women. So, to make a success of one night, it is necessary above all, that it is established between your conquest and you that you are not looking for anything serious and it must still happen in the greatest respect. 

The guys who have a bad reputation are the ones who tell everything the girl wants to hear, for the sole purpose of sleeping with her. Then, once he gets what he wants, he acts like a real asshole and disappears without a trace, or asks the girl to leave without even spending the night. You must know that it is possible to achieve the same goal, but being both respectful. Moreover, the more you will be and the more you will behave like a gentleman, the more the girl will keep beautiful memories and will tell you that you were a good shot. And that, believe me, my boy, it’s really what you want to be with women! 

The best way to achieve your goals and still go for a good guy is to avoid at all costs to pretend. Do not ask her her phone number, knowing very well that you will not call her back. Do not tell him a story and do not play at the big sentimental. Once again, it’s the franchise that will be rewarded. Also, make sure she leaves with a smile. Make him a nice breakfast and be nice. It is not enough to show oneself in the best light before sex, but also afterward. I would say it’s the most important! It will give him a good impression of you or not. 

All in all, it’s usually easy to end an evening by doing one night with a girl, which is more difficult, it’s to keep looking great after!