Today, with great pleasure, we congratulate the brilliant actor Leonardo DiCaprio on his birthday!

AVIATOR (2004)

A film biography of the brilliant director Martin Scorsese. The protagonist Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) was an inventor and film producer at the same time. Howard is literally sick with aviation, but he loves movies and money no less. After the death of his father, Howard inherited a small factory, which later became a thriving enterprise.

Mr. Hughes owns the coolest Las Vegas casinos, the money goes to him, bringing great satisfaction in person. Howard is happy – he has money, recognition and respect for the most influential people in the USA, and, of course, his favorite planes!

But there is one trouble that haunts him – he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is when a person has completely involuntary obsessive or frightening thoughts, he is constantly pursued by a sense of anxiety.

“Catch Me If You Can” (2002)

An exciting detective story about the life of Frank Abagnale, filmed by Steven Spielberg. Adventurous, inventive, savvy and very risky guy – this is how you can describe the main character of the film performed by Leonardo DiCaprio. Whoever he did not work as a doctor, assistant prosecutor, pilot of an airplane – and all this until the age of 21.

Oh yes! Frank was also a master in the forgery of documents, which brought him considerable income. In short, both the priest, and the reaper, and the player are in the dude. He is being hunted by an FBI agent, Karl Hanratty, who dreams of putting Frank in jail. But Abigail is not so easy to catch, he is always one step ahead of the FBI.

“BEACH” (2000)

A film by Danny Boyle, who shot, among other things, such masterpieces as On the Needle and Slumdog Millionaire. Everyone expected that this would be another youth story about the geographical search for a drug paradise away from civilization. In the film, there really are signs about a new generation of annealing youths and girls led by the hero Leo. They don’t need the usual “fly away” from reality, but they want to play with death naturally.

But the film “Beach” is not so stupid and primitive. It is not without reason that there are so many quotes from The Apocalypse Today by Francis Ford Coppola or The Deer Hunter by Michael Cimino. “Vietnam wasn’t enough for them …” was the beginning of the most accurate review of this film in Empire magazine.

But even if you don’t know anything about it, DiCaprio in the prime of his beauty, fantastic camera work and amazing soundtrack – already guarantee viewing pleasure.

“TITANIC” (1997)

“Titanic” is not only a disaster film but also an amazing love story. April 1912 Onboard the ship there are charming Rose and poor artist Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) in very sad circumstances. A girl who does not want to marry the unloved man Caledon decides to commit suicide.

But Jack notices it in time and saves the girl. Young people fall in love with each other. About this finds out the bridegroom Rose, and this infuriates him. He accuses Jack of stealing a diamond, but Rose refuses to believe it. Jack is arrested and locked in a cabin. Meanwhile, the Titanic collides with an iceberg and is in distress.


To begin with, this story was written by cult American writer Jim Carroll. This is his autobiographical novel about a teenage drug addict, which was released back in 1978. The film convincingly, very honestly and sometimes ruthlessly tells the story of a boy from St. Vitus Catholic College, whose role was played by our Leo.

He is fond of basketball, composing poetry, and keeps an open diary, but, unfortunately, is gradually turning into a drug addict, ready for any crime for the sake of the next dose. The incredible play of DiCaprio in the company of young Mark Wahlberg and the inimitable Juliette Lewis makes this soul-breaking drama just a must-see.

“BEGINNING” (2010)

Another cult film demonstrating the versatility of Leo’s acting talent. This time – a very stylish psychological thriller with elements of science fiction. In this picture, DiCaprio brilliantly played the role of the “king” of industrial espionage. He “steals” valuable secrets of people from the depths of the subconscious during sleep, when the human mind is most vulnerable.

The drama lies in the fact that at some point the hero Leo himself gets confused, which of the realities he is in, and which of these realities is a dream, and which is a reality. We add that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard decorated their game.


The film tells about the life of young and wealthy people in the 20s of the XX century in the era of jazz and stormy parties on the Long Island coast. Everything is here – love and betrayal, lies and betrayal. DiCaprio plays the main character, the rich and mysterious Jay Gatsby, who lives in a luxurious house.

Everyone heard about him, but no one saw him until Mr. Gatsby threw a grand party to which he invited almost all of Long Island. The thing is that Jay arranged these parties with only one purpose – to see his beloved again by the name of Daisy. In this film, Leonardo DiCaprio shows us with his ingenious game that he appears to be a successful, impressive man in an expensive suit, in his heart the most ordinary and very vulnerable, ready for anything for love.


The director of this film, Baz Lurmann, decided to abandon the usual film adaptation and transferred the actions of Shakespeare’s tragedy to the 20th century. Surely everyone read “Romeo and Juliet”, so we will not retell the plot. We will only say that the action takes place in modern Verona, and now Montecchi and Capulet are not just warring families, but real mafia clans.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a handsome and cool guy Romeo. He meets Juliet, and feelings flare up between them. Their families are against such a union, but teenagers in love do not care at all – after all, true love cannot be destroyed.


The plot of the painting “The Wolf of Wall Street” is based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort – in the film, he is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. A former broker who made a fortune in the early 1990s by selling cheap stocks over the phone. The scheme worked like this: Jordan and his subordinates from Stratton Oakmont company phoned people and convinced gullible Americans that they were simply obliged to buy these cheap shares because investors were waiting for the golden mountains!

Of course, all their promises were empty. However, people just wanted to believe in miracles. The incredible success that fell on the head of the enterprising, savvy and charismatic Jordan gave him the opportunity to do whatever his soul desires. And the soul wanted sex, drugs and rock and roll. But the fun did not last long – the FBI became interested in the activities of Belfort …


In the center of the plot, Gilbert (Johnny Depp) is a guy from the suburbs who wants something more than to live with a fat mother, go to a neighbor for afternoon sex and look after his mentally retarded younger brother. But in the center of our attention is the very brother of Arnie, played by Leo DiCaprio.

Doctors said that he would not last long, but the years went by, and Arnie continued to play hide and seek with Gilbert and at the first opportunity to run to the tower from which the whole city was trying to take him off. Arnie is probably the kindest guy in the world, just not like everyone else. He does not understand what is possible and what is not. Arnie is a burden that needs an eye and an eye.

But, despite the mass of trouble that the guy gives, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the genuine sincerity in the eyes and the will to live. At the time of the film, Leo himself was 18 years old. And, how, tell us, is it possible that it is so believable to play a child with developmental disabilities without experiencing it in your own skin ?! Only DiCaprio knows the answer.


Another masterpiece from director Quentin Tarantino, this time with Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie in the lead roles. The film takes place in Los Angeles in 1969. In the center of the plot is the story of the star Rick Dalton (Leo) and his understudy Cliff Booth (Brad). The golden age of Hollywood in all its glory. Everything is changing rapidly, and the actors, who once adored, and now began to forget, are trying to find a place in this new world for them.

It is worth saying that the film is not biographical, but there are references to certain real events in it. Before you start watching, we advise you to read the story of the Sharon Tate murder – then it will be much more clear.