How to protect love and friendship: maintain a relationship with a guy and not lose a girlfriend

You and your friend have always been very close and you know almost everything about each other. You shared secrets, rejoiced together, and were sad together. You and she were inseparable … And suddenly he appeared. The guy you seem to have dreamed of all your life.

With him, you feel really happy and special … And everything is fine with you. A friend sincerely rejoiced for you and worried that everything worked out for you. But suddenly you began to notice that she was behaving strangely: from time to time she flirts with your boyfriend, is more interested in his affairs than yours, and often begs to keep you company.

Does she seem to have feelings for him too? And what to do in such a difficult situation? Is it important for you to maintain friendship and relationships? Here are some tips to help you figure it out.

Make sure your girlfriend is really in love

If at a general gathering a friend asked your boyfriend how he was doing, laughed at his joke and cut off in reply, it’s too early to worry. In a friendly conversation, you know, there is no crime.

But if she flirts openly with him, constantly gives him compliments, writes messages to him and always tries to go somewhere with you, this is already a reason to beware. But then again – do not rush to conclusions. Watch.

Perhaps a friend is simply jealous of you for a guy – because now you have much less time for her. But if you understand that she really laid eyes on your boyfriend, go to the next point.

Don’t make scenes and just talk

If at a party you noticed that a friend shows an increased interest in your boyfriend, do not have a public showdown. Respect yourself and others. Better talk to her in private.

If you have a trusting relationship, you can ask her to tell how she feels. Show respect for what your girlfriend is experiencing. And do not blame her, just listen. Say that you value your friendship, but relationships with a guy are also very important to you. Cheer her up! Say that you are sure that she will have a boyfriend too – and much better than yours!

If she flirts openly and sticks to your boyfriend, say that such behavior hurts you. A true friend will understand everything and stop doing this.

Share friendship and personal life

If you used to walk altogether, now try to limit joint communication. And spend time separately with a girlfriend and separately with a guy. A friend will not worry once again, and it will be calmer to you that nothing threatens your idyll.

Take time for your girlfriend too

During a stormy romance, you can forget about everything else, including friends. This can hurt them a lot. If you realized that lately communication with a friend has somehow faded into the background, urgently fix it. More often go with her to the movies, to the cafes, to shopping. Just take a walk in the park. Speak on any topic, but in no case do you not discuss your relationship!

Try to switch her attention to another worthy candidate

Perhaps a friend fell in love with your boyfriend because she had heard enough of your stories about how cool he is. That is, your enthusiasm and emotions were transmitted to her. But there are so many interesting guys around! Surely there are good guys in your company, school, or university that you know. Maybe some of them just like your girlfriend?

Discuss this situation with a guy

If your boyfriend is flirting in response to a friend, tell him directly that this is very unpleasant for you. If he values ​​your relationship, then he will stop behaving like that.

Feelings are unpredictable, so this situation can happen in anyone’s life. And this is a serious test for friendship and relations with a guy. Most importantly, remember: your people will definitely stay with you 🙂