I present today what we love, us girls. Of course, we like a lot of different things about the opposite sex, but I tried to find 15 that are generally accepted by women. You will have all the good ideas to please them more!

We love your sense of humor

Whenever you make a joke or make a comment that gives us a smile, we find you attractive. It’s automatic.

We like you to be better than us in sports or any other day-to-day activity

We like playing tennis with you and you beat us 6-0 6-0. If it’s the other way around, you’re completely questioning your manhood. We also love it when you are able to fix something broken, whether in the house or in our car. It makes you feel smart and you find yourself even more “male”

We love when our girlfriends love you and accept you

It’s important for us because if our friends do not like you, we just wonder why we love you.

We love when you cook

It’s sexy, even if your meal is not so good, in the end. If you help us cut the vegetables or if, even better, you take the lead and have dinner in full, we find you cute and we notice your effort to please us.

We love when you defend your opinions intelligently

If you always change your mind, your arguments are not convincing and you are never able to put forward your points of view, you lose a lot of points. We love it when you are able to say what you think and when you stand in a discussion.

We like when you play the piano or guitar

I do not really need to add, because a musician is as sexy as a professional hockey player.

We love when you are happy to invite us into your family or gang of friends

When you are not afraid to invite us with your friends or family, it shows us that you trust us and that you are even proud to show us around you. It makes us happy, really.

We like when you notice our efforts (makeup, hairstyle, clothes, etc.)

If we took 15 minutes to get ready before going out with you, we like it when you take 1 second to tell us. It’s a small, easy compliment that encourages us to do it again and that’s just fun.

We love when you take your time to notice that our “fit” bra with our panties

It’s always a shame when you remove everything too fast. We, we make efforts to have the matching panties to the bra. It even implies, sometimes, to coordinate loads of washing and it is not always so easy! Please, take off our clothes in the right order to take the time to notice.

We love surprises, from time to time

I’m not talking about surprises that necessarily cost a lot of money. But as a general rule, we appreciate small surprises: it shows that you think of us and that you still want to please us.

We like you to be unpredictable

After a few years, there comes a time when we know you and where we see you coming … from far away. It’s always appreciated when you make an effort to change the routine.

We like to play sports with you

Even if you are better than us (anyway, as I said, we like it), we like to share those moments with you. It’s a great opportunity to live as friends and not just as a couple.

We love when you let us breathe

Text messages every hour, crises when we go out with our friends, calls every night before going to bed … It teases us! We love when you do your freelancers and when you show us that outside of our relationship, you are a busy man.

We love when you agree to listen to a girls movie with us

We are sometimes a little embarrassed because some movies are too quetaines and we feel ashamed of ourselves. But still, we like you to sit next to us so that we can stick to you or kiss you when there is a love scene.

We like to notice that you are good with children

If there is a baby and you seem comfortable taking it, or if you play with the kids and you really seem to have fun doing it, it’s charming and we like it. We think you would be a good dad and we find you a hundred times sexier, all of a sudden …