Is it true that women like the men who dominate them or is it more like an ultra-macho way of thinking in 2019? And how to define the word dominate exactly in this situation? Are we referring to sex alone or to the relationship? Or in all spheres of their lives?

It is important not to confuse when a woman likes to be “dominated” or if she likes a “dominant man”. There is a very big difference between the two and it is often that which can cause confusion. Let’s first look at the distinction between the two.

A woman who likes to be dominated

While it is true that some women love to be submissive in their relationship, it is also true to believe that if they are dominated, it is probably because they chose it. It is a position or a title that she accepts because she feels comfortable and safe. She likes a man to take control of everything, organize and plan their lives. In bed, it’s a different story. It is again a role-play between a submissive and a dominant but stops as soon as the relationship is over. 

A woman who loves a dominant man

A dominant man is usually someone who likes to be the leader of a group, it is a business leader who does not give up and is even less stepping on the feet. It represents strength, security, and power in the eyes of women. This is the person who is most noticed at events because of his or her presence. All this explains why women can love this type of man in particular. It is also called the alpha male. 

Having made the difference between the two, one would be led to believe that the truth is that most women like the men who are dominant in life, without being dominated by them.